Type 2

The Alfa Laval Type 2 spiral heat exchanger is used for 2-phase duties, both condensing and evaporation (re-boiling). In this configuration the spiral is always in a vertical position. Cross-flow condensing with lowest possible pressure drop.

SHE Type2 640x360

In this configuration the spiral heat exchanger is always in a vertical position. The compactness of the Alfa Laval SHE Type 2 and the fact that it is mounted vertically allows it to be installed with a very small footprint compared to the equivalent shell-and-tube unit and reduces supporting structures and piping complexity.

The Alfa Laval SHE Type 2 has a cross-flow rather than counter-current flow. Because of the good channel gap on the condensing side there is generally a very low pressure drop on the condensing circuit, therefore it is ideally suited to vacuum condensation duties. 


  • Gases: pure vapour and mixtures with inert gases.
  • Vapour/liquid: Top condensers, reflux condensers, vacuum condensers, vent condensers, reboliers with fouling fluids and gas coolers.

Como funciona

Operating principles

The OTS Type 2 spiral heat exchanger features a single-channel design, which means that each fluid occupies a single channel. This enables one medium to move in a spiral flow while the other moves in a cross flow, parallel to the axis of the spiral element. The spiral-flow channel is welded shut on each side, whereas the other medium passes through the open spiral element. This design combines high liquid velocity
in the closed spiral with large flow volume and low pressure drop on the cross-flow vapour side.


The single-channel construction eliminates bypassing and reduces fouling. The turbulence of the fluid in the channel constantly flushes away any scaling or deposits as soon as they form. If fouling occurs, thus diminishing the cross section of the channel, the velocity increases and scrubs away deposits at the exact zone affected.