Astepo piccolo filler

The Piccolo filler is an automatic volumetric filling unit with manual bag–in-box infeed with a 1 inch fitment. It is ideal for use with a wide range of pumpable products – both liquid and viscous, food and non-food.

Astepo piccolo filler

The Piccolo filler is available with one or two filling heads. It works with a range of different caps and is sanitized using Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) procedures.

The Piccolo fillers can also be fitted with additional equipment to carry out bag-inbox filling for especially demanding applications such as wine, dairy, etc.

Como funciona

How it works

The operator inserts the empty bag into the spout holder, which activates the filling sequence. The system then removes the cap and inserts the product valve. Any residual air is removed by the vacuum, and the product flow then begins.

When the desired volume of product has been filled into the bag, the product flow is shut off, nitrogen is puffed, the bag is recapped and the filled bag is ejected from the holder to one side.

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