Sistema AlfaVap

Alfa Laval AlfaVap evaporation systems are found in plants all around the world, handling a large variety of products. Thanks to the AlfaVap units´ compactness and exceptional thermal efficiency, the complete installation is very energy efficient and easy to install in small spaces. We offer complete evaporation systems optimized for your specific circumstances.

AlfaVap evaporators

High energy efficiency

The high thermal efficiency of the plate evaporators makes it possible to use heat from different sources, such as mechanical and thermal recompression, as well as waste vapours from, for example, dryers.

The most effective way to reduce steam consumption in evaporation systems is to increase the number of effects. Each effect saves steam and cuts energy cost. Thanks to the compact design, an Alfa laval system can contain more effects in a given space than any traditional falling film system.

The small size also means existing falling film systems can be retrofitted with an extra Alfa Laval effect, resulting in up to 33% lower steam consumption.

Easy maintenance and more uptime

The highly turbulent flow in the AlfaVap plate evaporator makes it less susceptible to fouling. The special corrugated patterns ensure a high degree of turbulence over the whole plate. This turbulence not only reduces fouling but also makes chemical cleaning very effective. The result is a system with significantly less fouling, lower maintenance costs and more uptime.

All surfaces are easily accessible for maintenance and can be cleaned on site within the physical footprint of the unit.

Flexible capacity

The plate construction of AlfaVap makes it easy to adjust capacity to meet changing needs, simply by adding or removing plates, while retaining the existing frame.

High product quality

The low temperature combined with short residence time in the plate evaporator (due to a low hold-up volume) secures a high quality end product with minimum discoloration. The low hold-up volume also ensures fast, smooth start-ups with easy control.

Ideal solution for high viscosity fluids

AlfaVap plate evaporators maintain a high thermal efficiency, even when dealing with viscous liquids. An AlfaVap evaporation system can easily handle fluids well beyond 300 cP. For higher viscosities we recommend Alfa Laval AlfaFlash systems.


  • Energy efficient
  • Compact installation
  • Short residence time
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Flexible capacity

Como funciona

Evaporation is used for concentration of a liquid product.

Alfa Laval’s AlfaVap evaporation systems are based on a plate-and-frame design tailored for evaporators. The AlfaVap rising film evaporators use the cassette concept with the evaporator plates welded in pairs.

Steam is applied as a source of heat in the welded channels of the AlfaVap evaporator while the product passes through gasketed channels. As boiling occurs inside the AlfaVap, the mixture of vapour and liquid rises to the top of the evaporator. In the cyclone separator vessel the vapour and liquid phases are separated.

Vacuum is applied in the AlfaVap system to decrease the boiling point of water. This means that the boiling occurs at a lower temperature than 100 °C. For some applications the boiling point is as low as 40-50°C.

The vacuum in the evaporation system is created by a vacuum pump and by condensing the vapours from the last effect of the AlfaVap system in a condenser tailored for vacuum condensation. The most effective way to lower steam consumption in evaporation systems is to increase the number of effects. Each effect saves steam and cuts energy cost.  For optimum steam economy, the system usually consists of multiple effects as well as some type of vapour re-use, like TVR (Thermo Vapour Recompressor) or MVR (Mechanical Vapour Recompressor).

A complete AlfaVap system includes the plate evaporators, preheaters, cyclone separator vessels, TVR or MVR, pumps, instruments, valves, ducting and piping and a local PLC with control panel.

Main building blocks of an AlfaVap evaporation system

AlfaVap evaporation system, main building blocks