PlusClean® UltraPure

Let the Alfa Laval PlusClean® UltraPure cleaning nozzle revolutionize tank cleaning in your sterile and aseptic processes. Paired with your top-mounted tank cleaning device, the PlusClean® UltraPure smoothly integrates into the tank wall or bottom. When activated during Cleaning-in-Place (CIP), it hits shadow areas with a fan of pressurized cleaning media, guaranteeing 100% impact cleaning coverage, up to 80% savings in water and cleaning media costs, and 0% contaminants.

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Boost product integrity and yield higher with unprecedented 100% tank cleaning coverage

  • Get 100% impact cleaning coverage
  • Up to 80% reduction in water and cleaning media consumption
  • Eliminate product contamination risks and raise product yield
  • Meet the sterile and aseptic process requirements in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries
  • Cut total cost of ownership due to very low maintenance requirements and reduced water, cleaning media and wastewater costs
Eliminate the risk of tank contamination and boost sterile and aseptic process productivity with the easy-to-install Alfa Laval PlusClean® UltraPure cleaning nozzle. With its optimized, high-impact spray pattern, the PlusClean® UltraPure delivers 100% cleaning coverage in shadow areas, such as beneath agitator blades, coils and connections, that top-mounted tank cleaning devices miss. The PlusClean® UltraPure comes with the Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package, ensuring full traceability over the entire supply chain. Faster, safer contaminant-free changeovers are now possible, boosting batch or continuous process productivity in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. This increases product yield and speeds return on investment while lowering total cost of ownership.
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Extremely versatile

Perfect for biotech and pharma applications, the PlusClean® UltraPure optimizes the cleaning efficiency of the primary cleaning device, regardless of whether a static spray ball, rotary spray head or a rotary jet head. Depending on the overall design of your tank, you can configure the cleaning device either in the tank wall or on the bottom. Choose one of three different spray patterns and one of two different weld plates for mounting to customize your cleaning device to your requirements.

Special product line

In addition to the standard PlusClean® UltraPure with a piston activated by the cleaning media, a special pneumatic version is available. The pneumatic version activates the piston using controlled air pressure. When used together with the Alfa Laval ThinkTop, you have a full overview of your tank cleaning process, including feedback signals such as open/closed and purging option.


Count on extended equipment performance and more uptime due to low-wear components that are easy to replace on site, minimizing downtime. The PlusClean® UltraPure cleaning device has no moving parts that extend into or retract from the tank. Durable, reliable genuine parts from Alfa Laval deliver outstanding performance, lower your total cost of ownership and preserve the value of your equipment throughout its entire life cycle.

Como funciona


How it works

The Alfa Laval PlusClean® UltraPure cleaning device is installed flush with the tank wall and/or tank bottom. When activated either by the cleaning media or by controlled air pressure, the device creates a high impact force spraying the cleaning media in a fan pattern directly onto the soiled area. Cleaning coverage is ensured through controlled and repeated rotation of the shaft and agitator blades.


Upon completion of the cleaning cycle, the integrated spring mechanism restores the piston to its original position, securely closing and sealing off the cleaning device. If purging is required, always operate with the actuator.


PlusClean cleaning nozzle exploded view

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Safeguard cheese production with 100% cleaning coverage of tank shadow areas


To increase cheese production by expanding its milk reception, a large Scandinavian dairy turned to the Beritech Group, an experienced tank and system builder. The objective was to guarantee complete cleaning coverage for two new 30-metre-high raw milk silos with bottom-mounted agitators.


Read the case story here


100% cleaning coverage

How clean is your tank?

Alfa Laval PlusClean® and Alfa Laval PlusClean® UltraPure is a revolution in hygienic tank cleaning. When activated during Cleaning-in-Place (CIP), PlusClean hits shadow areas with a fan of pressurized cleaning media, giving you the market’s first guarantee of 100% impact cleaning coverage.

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360° Service and maintenance videos

How to assemble the Alfa Laval PlusClean®

How to disassemble the Alfa Laval PlusClean®

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