Projetada para atender aos requisitos de higiene das indústrias de laticínios, alimentos e bebidas e cuidados pessoais, a SolidC é uma bomba centrífuga padronizada para aplicações gerais.

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Solid value

The SolidC centrifugal pump is a standard duty pump for basic transport duties in hygienic applications. An exceptional value compared with other pumps in its class, it provides reliable, low-maintenance operation. With its hygienic design, cost-effective operation and quick, easy maintenance, the SolidC offers excellent value for money.

For more demanding duties, Alfa Laval offers the premium LKH centrifugal pump. Using our pump selection software, Alfa Laval or one of our sales and working partners can help you select the right pump for your specific application.

Solid hygienic design

SolidC centrifugal pumps ensure consistent performance and maximum cleanability. The pump interior is designed to provide control of surface contamination and feature O-rings with defined compression. Compliance with 3A, CE, FDA and EHEDG requirements provide an excellent level of hygiene.

Engineered for high product integrity, the SolidC has a semi-open impeller, which provides gentle product handling. Smooth crevice-free surfaces eliminate any dead zones where bacteria can thrive. In addition, the SolidC is easy to clean in place and employs FDA-approved elastomers.

Easy, low-cost maintenance

A few minutes are all that is required to change wear parts. Hassle-free replacement of the easy-to-access front-loading shaft seal, for instance, maximizes uptime and minimizes maintenance costs. Other features that contribute to solid maintenance routines and cost savings are the easy-to-disassemble clamp between casing and back plate and easy-to-mount O-ring.


Alfa Laval provides a three-year warranty for all non-wearing parts, provided genuine parts are used.

Product Benefits

  • Hygienic design
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Quick and easy maintenance

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Como funciona

Operating principle

The pump impeller of the Alfa Laval SolidC centrifugal pump is mounted on a shaft, driven by an electric motor. The shaft turns and transfers the rotational energy to the fluid passing through the pump. The centrifugal force of the fluid increases the fluid’s kinetic energy and velocity as well as the pressure in the pump. The centrifugal force then directs the fluid towards the pump outlet.

Pump range 

Four different SolidC models handle flow rates up to 80 m3/h, pressures up to 8 bar at 50 Hz, and inlet pressures up to 4 bar.

Unique impeller design

The semi-open impeller with a unique multi-vane design ensures particularly low NPSHr (Net Positive Suction Head required), which helps prevent cavitation and minimizes the risk of mechanical damage. Impeller balancing holes enhance circulation around the shaft seal and reduce axial forces. This maximizes cleanability and minimizes wear on the shaft seal and motor bearings.

One-piece pump housing

The pump housing is constructed from a sturdy, single piece of stainless steel. There is no need to disconnect or remove the pump casing from the process line during inspection or maintenance. This feature, combined with a front-loading seal, minimizes downtime and saves time and money.

Optimized shaft seal

One shaft seal fits all models of SolidC and LKH pumps. This standardization reduces inventory and makes wear parts replacement quick and easy.

Compression coupling

The compression coupling attaches the stub shaft to the motor shaft with precision alignment. Setup is simple, operations secure and noise, vibration minimized, and the service life of the shaft seal and motor prolonged.