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Welcome to the next era of boiler solutions

This year marks a century since the first boiler carrying the Aalborg name began its journey at sea. That boiler and the vessel it sailed with now belong to history. But for Alfa Laval Aalborg solutions, the past and present are a springboard into the future.

The deep knowledge and complete technology portfolio developed over the past 100 years are the heart of today’s Alfa Laval Aalborg solutions – along with the people and commitment behind them. As the marine industry faces new energy, environmental and business challenges, they’re providing the steam to keep it moving forward.


100 anos de inovação em caldeiras

Em 1919, quando a primeira caldeira marinha deixou o Estaleiro de Aalborg, em Aalborg, na Dinamarca, ninguém poderia saber o significado que teria. Isso era só o início para um século de parceria para atender às necessidades de vapor dos navios - uma parceria que continua a crescer mais forte e mais profundamente. Ao longo de 100 anos, o nome Aalborg tornou-se sinônimo de caldeiras, liderança e quebra de barreiras tecnológicas. As soluções atuais da Alfa Laval Aalborg são o resultado orgulhoso dessa tradição secular.

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The future of boiler solutions begins now

For 100 years, Alfa Laval Aalborg products have set the standard other boilermakers follow. Nowhere else will you find a complete portfolio of boiler solutions, comprising all key technologies and expertise. The difference is crucial – because meeting the challenges of tomorrow begins with seeing the whole picture today.


Todays marine boiler systems

Fired boilers

Alfa Laval has one of the most comprehensive product ranges within fired marine boilers.

Fired boilers

Composite boilers

Available in single-inlet or multiple-inlet configurations, the Aalborg combi boiler is a plug-and-play solution that can be fired with either fuel or exhaust gas.

Combi boilers

Exhaust gas boilers

Exhaust gas economizers after diesel engines and waste heat recovery units after gas turbines are unfired and utilize the otherwise wasted heat from the exhaust gas to produce energy/heating.

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Industrial boilers

Steam, hot water & waste heat recovery solutions for industry.

Aalborg 3-Pass

Engine Power boilers

Alfa Laval Aalborg waste heat recovery boilers for Engine Power.

Engine Power WHR

Boilers for the oil and gas industry

Alfa Laval Aalborg large boiler systems for Floating Production Systems.

Oil and gas boilers

From shipyard to boiler development

Tradition runs deep at the former shipyard in Aalborg, Denmark. Though the site is very different than it was in 1919, it still serves as the headquarters for Alfa Laval Aalborg boiler solutions. Its largest building now houses the 1350 m3 Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre, which spearheads Alfa Laval research and development in steam applications. Yet the Aalborg spirit and dedication remain unchanged – defining an organization that now stretches across the globe.

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