Geração de vapor a ciclo combinado

High efficiency, low emissions and great flexibilty are critical to the successful operation of combined cycle power plants. With the right equipment in place, a modern plant can achieve efficiencies of more than 60% in combined cycle operation. This calls for reliable, highly efficient solutions – from feedwater heating equipment and fuel systems to auxuliary coolers and heaters.

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High performance, reliability and uptime

With expertise and state-of-the-art equipment and services, Alfa Laval provides a broad range of solutions for steam power and combined cycle power plants. From a single yet critical component such as small fuel oil heaters to complete fuel and auxiliary systems including highly efficient equipment such as our large central coolers, Alfa Laval contributes to the reliable, highly efficient operation of your power plant. The result? Higher fuel efficiency, lower initial cost per kilowatt, longer maintenance intervals and increased output.