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2020-09-25 Notícias de produtos

Introduction to vegetable protein processing | A webinar

There is a growing interest in plant-based protein products and various feedstocks can be used to meet this demand. On 19 November 2020, our vegetable protein expert, Joosep Masik, will be talking about some of the basic approaches to plant-based protein processing and demonstrating the solutions that Alfa Laval can offer customers seeking to get started in this industry.

19 November 2020

In this free webinar you will learn about:

  • Commonly used feedstocks & pretreatment in vegetable protein production
  • Alfa Laval’s offering within vegetable protein processing
  • Solutions to minimize the effluent from vegetable protein processing

About the speaker:

Joosep Masik is a process engineer in Agro & Protein Systems at Alfa Laval. His work is primarily focused on developing processes for customers in the vegetable protein and starch industries.


Who will benefit from this webinar:

  • Investors interested in vegetable protein manufacturing
  • Trading companies seeking to get into vegetable protein manufacturing
  • Oilseed & starch processers seeking to broaden their portfolio
Different types of beans

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