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Increase your capacity with Contherm® Batch Augmentation!

In this webinar, Alfa Laval's Contherm® experts will explain the basic principles of a batch augmentation layout with scraped surface heat exchangers (SSHE) and the unique benefits associated with this technology.

More capacity, more efficiency, and more profitability 

Batch augmentation with SSHE is an easy conversion of an existing batch production process. It is used primarily in food and personal care industries for both heating and cooling applications. This versatile technology will help you:

  • Reduce batch process time significantly, increasing production capacity 
  • Reutilize your existing process with minimum changes 
  • Save energy  
  • Process very viscous, abrasive, and challenging products
  • Improve the quality of your products and minimize thermal degradation in your batch tank

In this webinar, you will learn the following:

  • How batch augmentation with SSHE works
  • When to consider a batch augmentation upgrade
  • How Alfa Laval can support your batch augmentation

About the speakers

Cheu Hwa Onn is an Application Sales Engineer supporting the Alfa Laval salesforce in Southeast Asia, China, and Northern Europe. She also manages all Contherm® competence development activities, such as educational training and webinars.

Kyle Croft works as a Contherm® Business Developer specializing in strategic Channel support in Europe. Kyle has comprehensive knowledge and experience in working with partners.

Who will benefit from this webinar? 

  • System builders, integrators or distributors operating in the food processing or personal care industry
  • Food or personal care processors 
  • Professionals and consultants operating in the relevant industries 


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