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Margarine and shortening

Looking to increase your existing margarine or shortening business? Or thinking about getting into this business? Want to refine and modify your own oils for your downstream business? Alfa Laval can help you optimize your processes and select the right equipment. Margarines and shortenings can be an excellent way to develop your edible oil business. With highly automated, flexible and hygienic systems from Alfa Laval, you will be able to produce a wide range of margarines and shortenings.


Benefits of our professional margarine and shortening equipment

Upon request, our specialists and collaboration partners can help develop recipes or advise you on how to obtain the best process conditions for the target properties of your end products. We design process systems for maximum flexibility to meet your production requirements today – and tomorrow.

  • High-quality margarine due to excellent product crystallization
  • High automation level
  • Modular plant
  • Compliant with hygiene and legislative standards

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As one of the world’s largest suppliers of process equipment for edible fats, Alfa Laval has a unique know-how and full, practical insight into process technology concerning this delicate and complicated process.

Apart from quality, two of the most critical points in margarine and shortening production are improved hygiene and full traceability within the processing lines. A supplier such as Alfa Laval who can ensure that each component is fully traceable can save considerable time and money when it comes to validating process lines.

Margarine and edible fat products are generally grouped into two: for industrial use and consumer markets. Regardless of which category, a standard margarine contains a minimum of 80% fat.

Producing margarine and shortening products is about achieving a delicate balance of properties, allowing for subtle shifts in local market preferences and consumer requirements, while meeting stringent international standards. Alfa Laval can help you make that possible. We are proud of our:

  • fully automated plant with SCADA operation system
  • high standard of product quality
  • modular plant with high capacity for expansion
  • skid mounted equipment
  • CIP-able and sanitary application


Wherever you are, Alfa Laval's palm oil competence offices, sales offices and service centres are never far away.

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